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nbsp; "Even last night, with him sore as can be with a concussion, six stitches in his forehead, two black eyes, a torn-up back and other issues -- his van being stolen -- even with all that, not only did he pray last night on the phone, but he also prayed for the three individuals that did it and asked God to bring them to Jesus and give an ability to help them," Galen added. abigail lily Zayas  wants accountability: "… We want an independent investigation with subpoena power to enact much needed and frankly overdue laws to protect the residents that are residing in the facilities today and we beg CMS [The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services] to come up with an immediate plan for visitation to prevent a new wave of deaths in our nation’s nursing homes. abigail lily nbsp;CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPCharlotte Bennett, who is described in a bombshell report from The New York Times on Saturday as "an executive assistant and health policy adviser in the Cuomo administration until she left in November," alleged that Cuomo "asked her questions about her sex life, whether she was monogamous in her relationships and if she had ever had sex with older men. abigail lily Florida's Consumer Data Privacy legislation affirms four main rights of the individual: -The right to find out what information companies have about you -The right to tell them to delete it -The right to tell companies not to sell your data without your permission -The right to sue in the event of a data breach Our country was founded on the ideals of freedom and rights. abigail lily

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